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Assadé – The language and private tutoring school – “Let’s talk!”

Based on our multicultural and linguistic background, we ourselves are “at home” in many places today. Our own children cover a wide age spectrum, have experienced more than one school system and language of instruction. Teaching is our passion, and much more than that, we are passionate about learning through exchange with our course participants.

About us

The Story

Lara and Sonia, the two twin sisters from a trilingual family, remain persistently silent when German, their father’s language, is spoken in the kindergarten at the German School Barcelona. The teachers realise that the girls understand them but do not answer in German. They therefore strongly recommend that the students receive additional German language support.

The parents therefore turn to Maike. She has taught German to children, teenagers and adults for many years, first in Germany, now in Barcelona, where she moved with her family. Here, too, she can devote herself to her passion for passing on language and culture. But the girls can’t read or write yet, so the language first has to be conveyed through images and sound, looking at books together, reading aloud, singing, listening to cassettes, watching short videos, all this to retell and talk about, first with Maike, then also among themselves. After a short time, Lara and Sonia already conquer the circle of chairs in the kindergarten.

This is the beginning of a steadily growing demand. The concept is “let’s talk”, then the name also emerges. “Let’s talk” is “Assadé”, in Bété, her husband’s Ivorian language. Assadé – “Let’s talk” is still the central element of the daily work in our language centre. We talk to students and parents, teachers and university students, employees and companies, textbook publishers and many more.

Lara and Sonia have long since completed their Abitur in German, just like so many other students whom Maike and her staff have successfully accompanied on this path.


Language courses



The founding team



  • Bilingual German/French, English and Spanish fluently
  • Bachelor in GFL (German as a Foreign Language), in Romance and American Studies, University of Augsburg
  • More than 20 years’ experience as a translator and interpreter (German, French and English) for clients such as Siemens, MAN, Renk, Hosokawa-Alpine, Wanzl, Alko
  • Since 1985 Lecturer for German as a foreign language and French in various language institutes (in Germany and Spain) and business companies in different sectors
  • Teacher (German, GFL and French) at the German School of Barcelona from 2006 until 2014
  • Teacher (German, GFL and French) at the German School of Barcelona from 2006 until 2014
  • Teacher (German and French) at the American International School Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
  • Tutoring and language teacher for students of international schools since 2004
  • 2012 Foundation and management of Assadé

Office Manager


  • Bilingual German/French, English and Spanish fluently
  • Mechanical engineer (University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg)
  • Many years of professional experience in technical sales, since 1996 until today
  • Lecturer in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) at the Applied Engineering College Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), 2013 until 2018
  • 2012 Foundation and management of Assadé
  • Worked as a translator and interpreter (German, French and English). 1988 until 2004

The Assadé teachers


Are specialists in your subject and fit to handle the latest materials


Passionate about teaching and bring experience and expertise to the table


Are trained to teach in an online environment and use the latest tools


Are native speakers or dominate the language in which they teach on a native level.


Speak at least one foreign language and are therefore very familiar with the "language learning situation".


Are regularly trained by us to teach in an online environment and use the latest tools

What our customers say

Not only the teachers and methodology are of the highest level, but also the availability of lessons and personal attention.

Cristina Miu

Language course participant

Excellent teaching staff, personal attention and a variety of lessons and small groups.


Language course participant

The language courses are very good and the support from the management of the school is excellent. I am very satisfied with Assadé!

Deborah Bencomo Ensesa

Language course participant