online classes

How online lessons work

We would like to briefly introduce our online concept. We run all courses with the help of Microsoft Teams. Wir unterrichten Live & Online ganz bequem von zuhause aus. Try it out!

1) What do you need for online lessons?


Laptop, computer or tablet


Stable internet connection (or WI-FI)




MS-Teams Account (you'll get it from us)

2) How do you participate in online classes through MS teams?


Account set up

Use your Teams account ([email protected] and password)to log intoMS Teams Education und download the app to your devices. (computer, laptop, or tablet and mobile phone)


Access to the virtual classroom

In your team account’s schedule, your class will be added to the appropriate date, day of the week, and time. Here you can click to enter the classroom for online classes.


Appointment calendar

Your Teams account includes an appointment calendar, a chat function, a call function and much more (visible on the left side of the screen).


start class

5 minutes before the scheduled appointment, click on “Join”(at your appointment in the calendar) and check the internet connection, camera and audio function.

3) How do you communicate with teachers?


Via cell phone, laptop, computer or tablet

Whether e-mail, call or chat function, you can reach us anytime and anywhere


via e-mail

In case of emergency contact us via [email protected] with your e-mail address: [email protected]


Via chat from the Teams account

Use the chat function to communicate directly with the teachers live


Via the Call function in your Teams account

Use the call function to speak directly with the teachers live

4) These are the advantages of online lessons with us!



Your teacher, the other participants and you communicate directly verbally or in writing as in a face-to-face class.



In class you can edit documents together and all edited tasks, exercises and their corrections are available for unlimited time.



You have access to all course materials (documents, audios, videos, etc.) at any time, also for your own repetitions



If you are unable to attend class, you can watch the video recording of the class afterwards.

What our students say

For the past 4 years, my son has been attending Assadé weekly and receives tutoring in German (DaF-PLUS). The team is very professional, listens and always finds a solution. My experience with Maike and the entire Assadé team has been very positive.

Mark Endros

Father of a DaF-PLUS student

I can recommend Assade 100%. I chose Assadé because the teachers are native speakers and the methodology, small groups and personal attention, was best suited for my son.

Juan Diego García

Father of a tutor student

Highly recommended. My son has been attending face-to-face courses for two years, now also online, and his German level has improved considerably. The management of the academy has always closely followed the needs and development of my son.

Paula Aral

Mother of a DaF-PLUS student