Online english tutoring

English tutoring for students of German-speaking schools abroad

Your online English tutoring if you are attending a German-speaking school abroad and need help.

Online english tutoring

Finally get good grades in english class!

You want to finally improve in different topics and exercises in english class? Together with our dedicated, empathetic and experienced teachers, you will develop techniques, structures and learning strategies in the following areas:


  • Passive and active vocabulary
  • Word fields and word families
  • Extension and application


  • Phonology / Orthography
  • Morphology (conjugations, declensions …)
  • Syntax / sentence structure


  • Idiomatic phrases
  • formulating aids for all types of texts
  • Specific and precise application

Verbal production

  • Pronunciation
  • Intonation
  • Fluency

… and much more, according to your grade (5 – 12)

Our Tutoring

Your class group always corresponds to your grade, so we make sure that the topics we work on really correspond to the material from your school. From home or wherever you feel most comfortable, you will train motivated, uncomplicated and with a lot of funin our online tutoring classes. This way you'll get to your goal quickly and soon you'll be really good at that subject! You have unlimited access to all the topics and materials covered at any time, so you can always revise everything individually, which is a great advantage of our online lessons.

All grades

Whether individual lessons, small groups or a compact preparation, we offer you the right solution.

Small groups (max 6p)

Our interactive courses take place online and at flexible times. This way you always have the maximum attention and the best conditions you need for successful learning.


Our experienced teachers will teach you the necessary learning strategies and skills according to our quality standards.

beginning at


per week

All Tutoring-Courses

Elementary school

(grade 1-4)

Interactive online classes via MS Teams

Virtual classroom

experienced teachers

small groups*




1 x 60 min / week

digital material 40,00€


*Individual lessons on request

Middle School

(grade 5-12)

Interactive online classes via MS Teams

Virtual classroom

experienced teachers

small groups*




1 x 90 min / week

digital material 40,00€

*Individual lessons on request


additional course

Interactive online classes via MS Teams

Virtual classroom

experienced teachers

small groups*




1 x 90 min / week

digital meterial 9,00 €

*Individual lessons on request

book DaF-PLUS

Better grades through better German!

Do you wish to finally improve typical expression and grammar topics to feel more confident in oral and written assignments?

IIn our DaF-PLUS online course, you train vocabulary, grammar and expression in German with specifically adapted and interactive material in addition to your private tutoring in other subjects. You'll have a lot of fun and you'll quickly become proficient not only in German class, but also in all other subjects in which you communicate in German. Simply add it to your tutoring course at an absolute special price!

Relaxed online learning


In peace from home

or from wherever you are at the moment


Ask questions in real time any time

Communicate verbally or through chat with your teachers or with other students.


Book appointments easily online

according to your personal availability


In small groups or private lessons

according to your personal learning goals and budget

What our students say

For the past 4 years, my son has been attending Assadé weekly and receives tutoring in German (DaF-PLUS). The team is very professional, listens and always finds a solution. My experience with Maike and the entire Assadé team has been very positive.

Mark Endros

Father of a DaF-PLUS student

I can recommend Assade 100%. I chose Assadé because the teachers are native speakers and the methodology, small groups and personal attention, was best suited for my son.

Juan Diego García

Father of a tutor student

Highly recommended. My son has been attending face-to-face courses for two years, now also online, and his German level has improved considerably. The management of the academy has always closely followed the needs and development of my son.

Paula Aral

Mother of a DaF-PLUS student

Questions & Answers about the Tutoring

Are your teachers native speakers?

Our teachers are native speakers or have a native level of proficiency in the language of instruction at your school.

In which language will the tutoring take place?

Our tutoring sessions are always held in the language of instruction of your school.

What topics do we work on in our tutoring classes?

In our lessons, we work on the corresponding topics of the curriculum of your grade in the subject you have chosen. We place particular emphasis on developing the necessary fundamentals and methods that will enable you to easily grasp new content and master tasks independently.

Do I get teaching materials from you?

Our teachers will put together exactly the right digitised material for each teaching group and upload it to your virtual MS Teams classroom, so you can access it at any time (even outside of class).

Do I need to bring my own materials for class?

Of course, if you have specific questions, you can always bring your own material.

Will I also get help with my homework from school during tutoring?

Of course we can help you with your homework selectively, but by studying with us you will be able to do your homework independently and confidently.

What about homework?

Normally, you will also receive homework from the teachers to repeat and deepen the content you have worked on (always to a completely feasible extent), which will then be discussed in the following lesson. This way we make sure that you REALLY understand everything well.

Is it enough to take lessons once a week?

There is no blanket answer to this question; of course, some students may need several lessons per week to actually catch up on comprehensive knowledge gaps.

We will be happy to clarify your very specific situation and needs together with you during consultation.

Are your tutoring classes only for students who have difficulty in this specific subject?

No! We have many students with us who are already good at their respective subjects, but want to improve further with us and continue to be encouraged with our individual attention and support.

Our students very often finally discover real fun in the respective subject through lessons with us.

Are there students from different grades in one tutoring group?

No, in all our tutoring groups, all students are always in the same grade.

Are different subjects mixed in your tutoring groups?

No, of course, only one subject is worked on at a time in the tutoring groups.

Can I also book additional private lessons?

Yes, of course we can also do additional private lessons for you, for this we always arrange a short individual consultation to clarify your needs exactly with you.

How do I sign up?

You or your parents can easily sign up for your lessons via the shop on our website.

You can easily sign up for the courses online via our shop. We will contact you again via WhatsApp or email to confirm your registration.

How do I pay for my lessons?

You can easily pay for your lessons through the shop on our website.

How long does a lesson last?

Our teaching units (TU) last 60 minutes for children up to 10 years of age and 90 minutes for learners from 11 years of age.

How do I book a personal consultation?

Here we explain step by step how you can book a personal consultation.

Is the consultation really free and without further obligation?

Yes! It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us and that you know exactly what to expect. That's why we offer you a free consultation.

How big are your groups?

In our groups we have up to a maximum of 8 students.

Are you also open during the school vacations?

Almost! Unfortunately, we are not open during the two weeks of the Christmas holidays. Otherwise, we are there for you all year round and will help you in any way we can. ASSADÉ-calendar

How can I cancel my lesson subscription?

You can cancel your lesson subscription by email at any time with a period of 6 weeks from the end of the current month.

We will also confirm the cancellation by e-mail. During this time you can of course make full use of our services. Unfortunately, we cannot pause your subscription.

Where can I see which lessons I have booked?

After booking you will receive a confirmation with all details. The information remains stored in your customer account for later use.

How do I let you know if I can't attend class one day?

If you are unable to attend an agreed or booked lesson, in the case of private lessons, if you cancel at least 24h in advance, it is possible to make up this private class on another date (suggested to you by us). In the case of group lessons, unfortunately, this is not possible.